Matthew J. Pallamary’s Spirit Matters: A Memoir is a powerful attestation that splendidly recreates one man’s quest for truth.
— Norman Goldman -

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Land Without Evil, A Novel
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Land Without Evil

Book Cover, Land Without EvilWater thundered. His eyes stayed closed and his fingers grew numb. His feet ached. Did his hands have the strength to grip again if he let go? He had to try, but fear held him. He heard another sound beneath the roar of the falls, and then his father’s voice. “Do not look up and do not look down. The secret of defeating fear lies in keeping your mind in one spot, not in what has happened and not in what could happen. Only here. Only now. Nothing else matters.” -- From LAND WITHOUT EVIL

A timeless message to our universal soul, Land Without Evil is the story of the Guarani people of South America and their quest to maintain their culture during the European onslaught of the 1700s. Shamanism, historical conflict, coming of age, and a touching love story drive this impeccably researched novel.

“A triumphant blending of creative imagination and deep scholarly research, both driven by Matthew Pallamary’s philosophical idealism. Land Without Evil proves that a suspenseful novel can sizzle with conflict-with no villains on either side, only good souls who differ.” -- Charles Champlin, Art Editor Emeritus, Los Angeles Times, critic and author of Back Where the Past Was

“Bravo….More!” -- Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451

Elements of Carlos Castaneda, Peter Mathiesson, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez jostle each other, yet…Pallamary weaves an extraordinarily original web. -- San Diego Union Tribune

LAND WITHOUT EVIL is a great read for anyone looking for insight and inspiration on their own spiritual journey. -- Harold Bloomfield, author of Healing Anxiety with Herbs

Pallamary plunges into the heart with a moving tale about people caught between worlds—the past, the future, and the possible… -- David Brin, author of Startide Rising and The Postman

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