Pallamary‘s a writer to watch… with a loaded gun in your lap. A master of dangerous fiction, he’s sure to go far.”
Nancy Holder — Author of Daughter of the Blood
“A triumphant blending of creative imagination and deep scholarly research, both driven by Pallamary ‘s philosophical idealism, Land Without Evil proves that a suspenseful novel can sizzle with conflict–with no villains on either side, only good souls who differ.”
— Charles Champlin
“Bravo! More!”
— Ray Bradbury
Pallamary’s short stories take you deep into the dark side that exists in each and every one of us.”
— Gene Wentz — Coauthor of Men in Green Faces
“Read, trust, expand, and know that once we, too, were all there…EMPOWERED!”
— Victor Villasenor
Matthew Pallamary doesn’t believe in just shocking readers. He likes to wet their fingers and personally guide them into the nearest electrical socket.”
— Alan Russell — Author of Political Suicide
“Reading a Matt Pallamary story is like charging headfirst into the dark. I don’t know why we like to do that, but we do.”
— Ken Kuhlken — Author of The Do-Re-Mi
“Matt Pallamary’s short story collection includes vivid and horrifying morality tales executed wickedly well”
— Betty Abel Jurus — Coauthor of Men in Green Faces
“Pallamary plunges into the heart with a moving tale about people caught between worlds–the past, the future, and the possible…”
— David Brin
Matthew J. Pallamary crafts his short stories with the precision, skill, and attention to detail of a Machiavellian neurosurgeon.”
— Judi Lind — Author of Veil of Fear
A guide to becoming aware of one’s true spirituality, “Spirit Matters” is a must for those who are going through life with no direction and no contentment.
— Midwest Book Review
Pallamary writes tight, well-constructed fiction , sure to entertain, certain to satisfy the most desperate craving for thrills and chills.”
— Joan Oppenheimer — Author of Rattlesnakes and Roses
“If Matt Pallamary’s imagination were a map, his stories would lie in the region marked ‘Here there be dragons.’ Enter at your own risk.”
— Mark A. Clements — Author of Children of the End
This great collection is just the fix that we horror junkies need.”
— Barnaby Conrad — Author of Matador
Matthew J. Pallamary’s Spirit Matters: A Memoir is a powerful attestation that splendidly recreates one man’s quest for truth.
— Norman Goldman –
“Elements of Castaneda, Mathiesson, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez jostle each other, yet … Pallamary weaves an original web.”
— San Diego Union Tribune
Matthew J. Pallamary is a bright new writing star flashing across the horizon. I predict great things for him.”
— S.L. Stebel — Author of The Boss’s Wife