"Matthew Pallamary doesn't believe in just shocking readers. He likes to wet their fingers and personally guide them into the nearest electrical socket."
— Alan Russell -- Author of Political Suicide

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The Infinity Zone -- A Transcendent Approach To Peak Performance

The Infinity Zone

Award-winning author Matthew J Pallamary and sports coach Paul Mayberry Deliver Life-Transforming Book on The Infinity Zone Phenomenon of Mastering Your Energy to Master Your Life


The life-transforming revelations of The Infinity Zone have been discovered in nature, animals, birds, insects, music, physics, martial arts, astronomy, dance, fitness, physical therapy, sports, throughout history and in ancient cultures. Recently found to improve mental abilities, including autism and depression, The Infinity Zone principles are all around us and hidden within us, because they are the secret architecture for all life – the DNA molecule.  


Once you read this book, you may never look at the world the same again.


Based on the proven philosophical studies of Einstein, Steiner and other brilliant minds, and packed with photos, illustrations, diagrams, formulas and e-book active links, The Infinity Zone is an easy, fun, contemporary approach to mastering your mental and physical abilities on all levels.


In this book, you'll learn how to use The Infinity Zone to achieve peak performance with your body, mind and spirit.  Be calmer, focused, physically more powerful, fit, balanced, confident, happier, increase your awareness and mental abilities – learn to master your life. 


Mayberry says, “You’ll learn how to tap into your hidden energy and power through easy tools and movements that align a grounded center point, create balance, focus, mental clarity, coordination, as they pull energy from the legs, through the core out to the arms, delivering maximum power efficiently.”  


Pallamary concludes, “The Infinity Zone supports Einstein’s observation that we are all connected through this architecture of a grand physical and energetic design. If you master your energy, you master your life. The Infinity Zone proves that.”



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