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Mystic Ink Publishing launches “The Infinity Zone: A Transcendent Approach to Peak Performance”, The Phenomenon of Mastering Your Energy to Master Your Life

What do the wings of a hummingbird, the 600 mph explosion from the crack of a whip and the perfect execution of a tennis serve have in common? They all follow the principles of the universal philosophy and phenomenon known as "The Infinity Zone".

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The Infinity Zone

Quote start"A nifty tour of gorgeous patterns, fun coincidences and inspiring rhythms in nature, body and mind." 
- David Brin, author of EARTH and of EXISTENCEQuote end

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

In this groundbreaking new book, "The Infinity Zone: A Transcendent Approach to Peak Performance” award-winning author and shamanic explorer, Matthew J. Pallamary with professional tennis coach Paul Mayberry, offer a fascinating exploration of the phenomenon that occurs at the nexus of perfect form and motion, bringing balance, power, and coordination to physical and mental activities.

"The Infinity Zone" book launch coincides with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) World Philosophy Day, Thursday, November 15, 2012, and serves as an educational, scientific and cultural learning tool for future generations.

Inspired by the philosophical studies of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf Schools, the authors draw upon the works of Einstein, Fibonacci, Schwaller de Lubicz, and other brilliant minds whose scientific, philosophical, and mathematical principles support how harnessing The Infinity Zone enhances the body, mind and spirit.

Packed with photos, illustrations, diagrams, and formulas, "The Infinity Zone" is a fun, educational read that may become required reading in varied levels of education. The e-book is an enhanced version with active links to more in-depth information and interesting facts.

David Brin, author of "EARTH" and "EXISTENCE", says The Infinity Zone is "A nifty tour of gorgeous patterns, fun coincidences and inspiring rhythms in nature, body and mind."

The principle of The Infinity Zone applies to nature, animals, birds, insects, music, physics, martial arts, astronomy, dance, fitness, physical therapy, and sports. It is found throughout history, in ancient cultures and has recently been found to improve mental abilities, including autism and depression. One of its basic principles is the architecture to the program for all life, the DNA molecule.

“Once you read this book, you may never look at the world the same again,” says tennis coach Jack Broudy. You’ll discover how the geometry in a bee’s eyes follows the same mathematical principles that create your fingers as well as galactic strands of stars.

Pallamary states, “The Infinity Zone supports Einstein’s observation that everything is energy and that we are all connected through this architecture of a grand physical and energetic design.”

The key is to understand and tap into this human physical and energetic design to maximize mental and physical peak performance. Mayberry states that, “The basis of The Infinity Zone lies in easy-to-do movements that align a grounded center point, create balance, and focus coordination, pulling energy from the legs, through the core out to the arms, delivering maximum power efficiently.”

A person’s arms wielding a whip may only be traveling at 30-40 mph, but as the whip harnesses The Infinity Zone, its energy builds to explode out the tip at over 600 mph.

hummingbird’s wings propel it to incredible power, speed and hovering coordination by executing the motion of The Infinity Zone.

Mastering these movements also aligns the energy throughout the brain, resulting in a calmer, more centered, mind and enhanced awareness.

“The Infinity Zone: A Transcendent Approach to Peak Performance” is available for review as an enhanced e-book and in print format upon request from Mystic Ink Publishing. Please click the contact page to request a review copy. It is also available for purchase at

A teacher and lifelong student of shamanism, Pallamary concludes, “If you master your energy, you master your life. The Infinity Zone proves that.”

Matthew Pallamary’s historical novel "Land Without Evil" received rave reviews and won a San Diego Book Award. In December 2012, Land Without Evil will be performed by the acrobatic theatre troupe, Sky Candy at the Stateside Theatre, Austin,Texas and filmed by PBS to be aired nationally in January 2013. Matt’s memoir Spirit Matters detailing his journeys from the concrete jungle of Boston to studying shamanism in the jungles of Peru, won San Diego Book Awards’ Spiritual Book Category, and was an Award-Winning Finalist in the National Best Book Awards. Matt is originally from the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston and has lived in San Diego for the past 35 years. For more about Matt, visit

Paul Mayberry was a top Junior Tennis player who now coaches players all over the world. His passions for inventing, music, coaching, mathematics and the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner led to his co-founding Grail Sports Inc. and the 8Board, both based in San Diego, CA. For more about Paul, visit

San Diego’s Mystic Ink Publishing is an independent publisher focusing on works of a spiritual, shamanic, new age, or transcendent nature. Mystic Ink is currently holding an online contest through Dec 31, 2012 to win a set of first-edition, signed print books by Matt Pallamary on and



SAN DIEGO, Calif. In addition to winning First Place in the San Diego Book Awards, a renowned storyteller’s sometimes mystic, always adventuresome journey to awareness in his new memoir Spirit Matters (published by Mystic Ink Publishing) was honored as an Award  Winning Finalist in the autobiography/memoir category of the National Best Books 2008 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.  Author Matthew J. Pallamary’s spiritually important message is stirring the minds, bodies and souls of readers as they follow him from an Irish Catholic ghetto in Boston to the Amazonian jungles of Peru.

What reviewers are saying about Spirit Matters:  

“Spirit is immaterial, but incredibly vital to a person's well being. "Spirit Matters" is author Matthew Pallamary's personal and candid reflections on finding his own spirituality. His tale takes him from the harsh streets of Boston all the way across the Caribbean to the Amazon, where he soon figures out what really matters in life. A guide to becoming aware of one's true spirituality, "Spirit Matters" is a must for those who are going through life with no direction and no contentment.”  Midwest Book review

“Spirit Matters is an inspiring journey of healing and self transformation coming straight from the heart. Pallamary's search for truth is not only a page turner, it is energized with a blue print for evolution. Bravo!”                       Amazon five star reviewer.

“Matthew J. Pallamary’s Spirit Matters: A Memoir is a powerful attestation that splendidly recreates one man’s quest for truth.”    Norman Goldman, editor of

  “There are many, many books out there about spiritual paths and how to raise one’s consciousness.  Most of these books are written with an attitude of teacher/student and a small degree of superiority or humorous self-deprecation.  How delightful that this is not the case with Matthew Pallamary… how refreshing, how human, how honest.  Kaye Trout, MBR Reviewer’s Bookwatch 

“An inspiring literary work with a deeper understanding of the connection to the spirit that carries us through life.”            Amazon five star reviewer.       

“Spirit touches us in every moment of our existence; only most of us are caught up in the dramas that we have created in our lives, blinding us to a reality far greater than anything we can imagine with our rational minds,” says Pallamary. “It is simply a matter of awareness.”       

 See the Spirit Matters videos, Spirit Matters  – Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, and Spirit Matters - Individuation.                

For more information please visit .

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Engaging, Intimate Portrait of a Man’s Search for Truth in the Jungles of Peru Wins Top Honor in Spiritual Books Competition

SAN DIEGO, Calif. A renowned storyteller’s sometimes mystic, always adventuresome journey to awareness in the new memoir Spirit Matters (published by Mystic Ink Publishing), won first place in the San Diego Book Awards Spiritual Book Category in an awards ceremony at the AMN Healthcare center in San Diego. Author Matthew J. Pallamary’s spiritually important message is stirring the minds, bodies and souls of readers as they follow him from an Irish Catholic ghetto in Boston to the Amazonian jungles of Peru.

Readers will be inspired how Pallamary’s travels – both physical and metaphysical – forever change his sense of reality.

This blog is to officially announce the national launch of my memoir SPIRIT MATTERS, which is a whole new direction for me and proof that truth is indeed stranger than fiction…

Click on the picture to watch the Spirit Matters trailer.